Worship Ministry

Each Sunday morning at 10:30am the Family of God gathers to worship God in our sanctuary through uplifting music and a challenging message. At the First Church of God we feel worship is the individual’s opportunity to connect with God in a personal way in a public setting. What truly matters is not what we get out of the worship service but what we give to God. Each Worship Service our goal is to seek, honor and glorify our Lord. Our service leans toward being fairly traditional – but we love to throw in surprises from time to time. We do not believe that we are bound to any particular style of worship or music, but that the HEART is the key to pleasing God.

What to Expect when you Visit a Worship Service at the First Church of God for the First Time…

Visiting a new church can be a challenge. It’s kind of like that first date – no one is sure what to expect, and that can lead unecessary apprehension. We hope this page will help you to feel a little more comfortable in knowing what to expect when you enter our doors.

Welcome: Expect a warm welcome as you enter the door of the church. Seriously, our ushers and church members will surely make you feel welcome as soon as you reach the door – and it’s genuine!

Dress: There is no standard dress or “dress code”. Coat and tie, dress, casual, jeans . . . you will find a real mix among the people here at the First Church of God.

Music: Expect a “blend” of praise choruses, some hymns, solos – VARIETY is the key to our musical worship.

Preaching: Expect the preaching to be a “teaching” style directly from the Scriptures. The messages are not always “verse-by-verse” through a book of the Bible, but are always expository in nature (teaches clearly what the Bible actually says).

Communion: We partake of the elements of Communion on the 1st Sunday of each month. At the First Church of God we have open Communion, in other words you do not have to be a member of the Church to participate just a member of Christ’s Body. If you are a Christian please join us at the Lord’s Table.

Atmosphere: Do not expect to be pressured to give money or make a public decision for Christ. That opportunity is given for those who wish to do so, whenever God leads.

Nursery: A staffed nursery is provided for you and your child (infant to 2yrs.) at the back of the sanctuary. Ask an usher and they will introduce you to the Nursery Attendant for the Service. Parents are welcome to sit with their children in the Nursery if they choose to.

Children’s Church: During the Worship Service children (ages 3yrs to 13yrs) are dismissed to Children’s Church which is divided into 2 age groups: Ages 3-9 & Ages 10-13. The Children will have a time of spiritual instruction that is designed just for their age.